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Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) serves as the governing body of Deccan Alumni Association of North America (DAANA). The BOD consists of alumni of Deccan College of Medical Sciences (DCMS), nominated and carefully selected by peers based on their credentials. The BOD is comprised of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Officers.

The BOD coordinates activities of the various committees, helps organize reunions, cultural and educational (CME) events as well as supervises all philanthropic activities. The BOD also serves as a liaison between alumni and DCMS administration.

There are 11-15 members on the BOD at any given time. In the interest of diversity and inclusion, only two members from each batch are allowed on the BOD at any given time. The members serve a term of 2-4 years.

The first BOD was confirmed at the inaugural DAANA Reunion in Dallas, TX in August 2016.


Current BOD Members:

Raza Khan MD, President 

M. Taruj Ali MD, Secretary

Iqbal Kapadia MD, Treasurer

Khaudeja Bano MD PMP

Mohammed Moizuddin MD

Aijaz Khan MD

Yasmin Ansari MD

Qutub Khan MD

Ismail Shakaib MD

Gulam Ali Akhter Noorani MD MPH

Mujahid Ali Syed MD

Baseer Qazi, MD 

Jabeen Taj, MD

Applications are now open for new BOD appointments in 2018. You can access the application form here.
Application deadline is June 30th, 2018.